Bol on island Brac is one of the best known tourist destinations in Croatia. With rich history, natural beauty, clean sea, cultural attractions, well developed tourist and sport offers, high quality accommodation and very friendly hosts Bol on island Brac becomes an ideal destination for couples’, families and parties’ holidays. Bol is situated on the south side of island Brac under the Mt. Vidova Gora (778 m – highest peak on islands of Adriatic). Bol is one of the places with most sunny days in the year.

Golden Cape beach (Zlatni rat) is most popular beach in Croatia and favorite of many tourist brochures. It is natural phenomen which emerging on the underwater reef whith sedimentation of small gravelly pebbles and depending of underwater currents its top changes position from left to right.
The last few years Bol on island Brac was voted as the best tourist destination in Croatia.

Island Brac is the highest and biggest middle Dalmatian island (395km2, about 40km long and around 12 km wide), situated between islands Solta and Hvar and positioned just across Split ( 12 km ), which is the biggest city on Dalmatian coast and well conected with the rest of Europe. On the island Brac is one of seven airports in Croatia. It is located 14 km from Bol and 32 km from Supetar and it is open only during the summer season. Ferry ports on island Brac are in Supetar and Sumartin,and you can reach Bol directly with a catamaran.

Climate of Brac is recognized as Medireannean climate – characterized by hot, long and dry summer and short, mild and wet winters.

Island Brac is also known for its quarries, and famous white stone. Roman emperor Diocletian build his palace in Split with Brac stone. White stone is also used to build Whitehouse in Washington and the parliament buildings in Vienna and many others all over the world. Trough the history, main occupation of Brac inhabitants was cattling. Even today, you will enjoy the taste of traditional specialty Рlamb. You can also feel the spirit of the real Mediterannean drinking a glass of wine made on island, and specialy  Bolski Plavac. Do not forget to buy a bottle of olive oil.

Around the entire island Brac the sea is crystal clear, there are many beautiful beaches to explore.